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Exploration into the depths,
Has netted me regret,
Don't want to come up yet,
To breathe,
Yet the air down here is thin,
Nothing left to lose or win,
It's just a draw between us,
It seems,
Gonna have to release my grasp,
Gonna have to take a chance or pass,
Up on this desire,
No need to experience the entire,
Bee hive,
Honey is all I need,
Cause when the stings build up,
Poison erupts,
As the pus drips and oozes out the wounds,
Metaphorically analyzing a situation,
With a woman,
With whom,
I've just had relations,
Didn't go as planned,
The End.
Light it up,
Not talking illegal,
Mean this thing between,
Unseen by those not involved,
Cause they would scathe at the thought,
Of us being together,
Cause of what we went through,
Once up on a time with each other,
But it's a new day,
New month,
New year,
Those fears we used to have,
Come and gone,
We're sincere in our hearts desires,
Lighting up the path ahead without any fire,
It's just clear in our minds,
In our hearts,
We'll be kind enough to let each other know,
When the flow gets obscured,
Feel the burn,
Cause the passion is intense,
When we vent these frustrations,
Of the lack of sensation,
That we feel from the others,
In life,
Yeah we love each other,
But if we "make love" to another tonight,
It won't be the same,
Feelings changed,
No longer who we were,
In that area,
But the cause remains the same,
Feelings unchanged,
We won't remain the same,
Cause we've changed,
For each other.
They call me Ty-bot,
I have no feelings or emotions,
Yet can be programmed to be emotionally sustained,
When the situation calls for it,
I can cry crocodile tears,
Or wear a mask of a smile over my intent,
They see through these facades,
That I portray and tell me my voice is insincere,
The continuous phrases I display have been known to,
Intercept into the inner depths of their inner psyche,
So they fight the feelings and come back to fight me,
Seeing as how I'm the machine that has been processed full of steam,
Blowing hot air like a geyser I erupt,
When my circuits crash,
Hackers scheming through my schematics,
Inside I consider the backlash,
But I'm a robot so I go through all the possibilities,
And don't come up with any kind of answer,
No not anything,
Just stuck in my own trap,
That I laid for myself,
Cause I didn't consider that possibility,
Was humanly possible,
Heart beat,
Lungs expanding,
I feel my skin,
Muscles tense,
I'm alive,
No robotics under these eyes,
Except what lies behind these eyes,
Is a brain programmed to laugh at the pain,
A smile forever maintained,
Until I hop on the last train,
At the station.
Should I write about my love,
My love you,
Should I write about my love,
My love for,

I want to see your smile,
Feel your warm embrace,
Every single morning,
Waking up to your face,
That beautiful expression,
I adore,
It just keeps me coming,
Back for more.

Chorus (x2)
I want to write about loving you,
Loving you,
I want to write about loving you,
Loving you

These feeling I have,
Deep inside,
Cannot hide,
My emotions,
They want to break out,
And shower you,
With this love,
I feel for you,
I want to give you passion,
Feel this intimacy,
That you've got me feeling,
Can't believe this chemistry,
That we share,
Every day it grows stronger,
Want to hold you longer,
During those moments,
Where we have to part,
But keep in mind,
I'll be there for you,
Through the days,
And the nights,

I'm writing about my love,
My love for you,
I'm writing about my love,
My love for you.

These moments that we share,
Don't have to stop,
As long as we're together,
We'll never truly part,
Keep me close to your heart,
And share your love,
With me,
As I do you,
Let your love reign true.

I'll keep writing my love,
My love for you,
Keep writing my love,
You know it's true,
This love,
That I feel for you,
I'll keep feeling,
Through and through.
Scarred from constant battles,
Drained and worn out from all the hassles,
That life has thrown at you,
Again and again,
Dropped him,
Dropped her,
You're no longer friends,
Life twists,
Zig zags,
Pick your path,
Stick with it,
Change course,
Different story,
Written in your notes,
Back and forth,
Wicked lines,
Hissed out,
You missed out,
On that amazing thing,
You wished you could rewind time,
And re-live your dreams,
Past gone,
Ignore the same song,
You've been playing in your head,
When you're laying in bed,
Filled with dread,
I'm opening your windows up,
Letting the light shine through,
So you can get warmed up,
Winter Time,
We're here again,
Spring came,
First time there,
Summer time,
We're living in,
The moment,
And experiences are far from lonely,
Cause when you're close,
I overdose,
On you,
And your beauty,
I'm reaping all the benefits,
But giving back at the same time equal amounts,
People want to fit a name and a label to the spouse,
I just want to spend time with you,
Until time runs out.


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So for those who actually follow a durn thing I say, I've been in the writing mood again lately. Two things uploaded in two days! That is one piece per day! Whooo! PROGRESS! PROGRESS! S HIS D! S HIS D! I mean....>> Anywho, personal life has just been all over the place so it's not worth mentioning. Just trying to find a job & take care of mi Mama! Maybe there's more....but for now that shall remain behind the closed door that are my eyelids.
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