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Who Am I?
Who Am I?
Black American Male,
Who Am I?
Son of a mother and father,
Who Am I?
Grandson to my Grandmother,
Who Am I?
Great Grandson to those who I never knew,
And before that?
I don't know..
And before that?
I don't know!
Who am I?
Where did my people come from?
Who were my ancestors?
How did they celebrate who they were?
And how will I celebrate who I am?
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Mature content
Bananarama :iconmonkeyds:monkeyDS 0 0
Re-Connecting With Deviant Art
I am a being of disconnect,
Meaning I don't reach out to others,
When they hear from me it's in short bursts,
Gone and fizzled out in an instant,
Back to silence,
Where I feel calm and yet annoyed,
No one to laugh at my jokes,
No one to know who I truly am,
But when I did connect,
Over the internet and I could manipulate,
The information I tended to infatuate myself,
With how much I could put out,
You'll know this,
But you won't know that,
It was all sad really,
Some of my happiest moments,
Were playing with another person's head,
The joy I got should really feel me with a particularly nasty dread,
But it doesn't,
I mean I regret those times,
My past crimes,
I've been judged on them,
So much that I am still a loner,
For only a handful know who I truly am,
A nerd obsessed with boners,
Especially my own.
I'm such a dork.
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The girl was lost,
Wandering in these corridors,
Halls she's never been in before,
Gently was her walk,
Lips sealed afraid to talk,
Even if she were to speak her voice would have been meek,
Her skin similar to cinnamon,
Brown sugar flow,
Caramel rhythm,
Her hair was a mess of curls and yet perfect all the same,
Was her mane,
She pushed the glasses upon her nose towards her eyes,
Which seemed to glow with fascination about this home,
Which didn't belong to her at all,
But the books that lined these walls,
Stretched far and wide throughout the halls,
Called out to her,
This girl was lost,
But I would help her,
Find what she was looking for,
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Black Knight
These written rhymes are my heart and soul,
Destination set,
Time to reach my goal,
To be on top and never sell out,
Unless the ones I care for are taken care of,
My heart will beat,
These words I speak,
The fame I seek,
I'll reach that peak,
My body won't give out,
Till I have fans screaming out,
A phrase of mine,
A rhyme or two,
Somebody asking me for my signature here,
Or asking photo there,
Something that I can say my hard work paid off for,
Don't need a mansion or a yacht,
That's not what I strive for,
What it is that I fight for,
I fight to eat,
Live and breathe comfortably,
Along with those I call my friends and family,
So until that day,
And until the night,
I'll hold up this shield and sword,
Their Undying Black Knight.
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My futureless thoughts are escaping out,
I wish I could share them,
What they're about,
But they just dissolve upon thinking,
I can't even remember the reason why my heart is sinking,
With every word that reminds of you,
Fuck You,
I miss you,
And Horny,
I wish I could kiss you,
Stop no further,
This journey where the end is self murder,
Suicide is my current ride,
Her blood stained seats are my only pride,
Until I realize,
I should really hide,
These scars,
These wounds,
Cause they're all in my mind.
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No one could fill my shoes
Tell me the secrets that lie,
Behind those eyes,
Those dark brown eyes that could reflect the sky,
As we look up from the cold,
Cold ground,
You're reaching out for me,
But the darkside of the moon,
Shines brighter than your heart,
That made me swoon,
Over and over again,
And come running back to you,
But no more,
Shall I be the victim,
No more,
Shall I play the fool,
My part in this production,
Has to be refilled,
Yet no one could fill my shoes.
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Mature content
A Night With Madame :iconmonkeyds:monkeyDS 0 0
Wake Up
Woke up this morning upset,
Because I couldn't get a grip on reality,
I dreamed I had a nightmare where I was abused,
Because my anxiety,
Heavily breathing,
My chest was heaving,
My lungs near implosion,
My mind is exposing,
That my weaknesses are escaping out,
Family says they love me for who I am,
But I really doubt,
Their intentions for me,
That kind of paranoia really makes me angry,
All kinds of angst inside,
That I cannot hide,
Behind this morbid shell that I dwell within,
Seems as though I'm committing every sin,
So in hell they'll have a place for my soul,
Unique mutilation for me will be their goal,
Why can't I ever fill this lonely hole,
No girl or male will ever tell the story of accomplishments,
No lover or best friend to ever smile at my victorious moments,
Cause there are none.
This is my nightmare,
And I'm about to wake up.
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Screams are escaping out,
Fear is what this is about,
Purple hues and ghostly boos,
Where's my shadow gone?
Is it haunting you when you're asleep,
Is it creeping into all your dreams,
Nightmaric visions,
Bed sore ridden,
Wish my eyelids would open wide,
So you can see the reflection of your soul in my eyes,
See the sadness deep inside,
Just don't get lost in the maze within my mind,
I've been trapped there for some time,
And although I could use the company,
I'd rather for you to be free,
Free to enjoy the little things,
Instead of being shackled without a key,
That's how I feel everyday,
Will you teach me the hidden machine to fly away?
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Padded Room Thoughts
Silence surrounding me,
I want to lash out violently,
Yet this white room,
Has me sealed off like dirt in vacuum,
So I lay here like I'm dead in a tomb,
At least I'm warm like a child in a womb,
No nourishment so I'm dying slowly,
Voices in my head say pray to the holy,
The father,
The son,
The spirit,
Yet all I can think about is this stupid itch,
On my toe,
And how I can reach it,
Stupid straight jacket.
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Iggly Wiggly Jiggly Giggly
You're such a jigglypuff,
You're so giggly and tough,
Cute as an igglybuff,
You're my only love you know?
You don't adore the pink,
But you're as pretty as a flower,
Always counting when I'm away from you,
I need you girl,
That's my word,
When you sing those songs I've never heard,
I fall in love again and again,
If I fail you I'll repent,
Cause you don't deserve my sins,
Unless it's skin on skin,
In which we'll both dive in,
To pink puffy fluffy stuff.
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Submitting words like opponents,
I'll turn you into an exponent,
Meaning I'll sacrifice you to the third power,
Want to hear you yell louder,
Yeah let's get the crowd jumping,
Hear them cheering,
They're yearning,
For your hand to hit the mat,
Yes they want to see you tap,
So give 'em what they want,
Yeah I'm gonna taunt,
Gonna give you an ear full of insults,
Until you inner spirit breaks,
Ref raises my hand,
And up that ramp I walk,
So whatchu fin' to do?
You gonna fight through pain?
If you do I'll make it rain,
Not talking money,
Lariat you again and again,
It's the plan,
If you escape,
Yeah I got your fate,
All wrapped up in my head,
So tap out you fool,
Or you're dead.
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Silly Snow
Incredible realities are surrounding me with miracles,
Spinning around in a circle of life's mysteries,
Theoretical energies are empowering me with a new sense of happiness,
Joy is the present that I represent,
With a smile so wide it could give an elephant a run for his money,
Trunk up and curvy so I'm never laughed at,
I never forget to please you in every single way I can,
And you can bet every single drip that you drop,
Will lead to a psychological playing field,
Where you want to control this lightsaber I wield,
But it doesn't cut through you cause you don't fall for my tricks,
You just hop on my joystick and play me hours,
And I never go sick even when I pass out cause you leave me gassed out,
Your phone battery maxed out on my charger?
Yeah I doubt that'll happen,
Cause we're always so absorbed in one another.
Silly Snow.
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Back Again, Short Vacation.
Been recapping about my work flow,
But I forgot about my rhymes though,
You bring it up in a convo,
You make me feel like I've gone slow,
Time is gone and missing,
What have I been living,
That I've not given my words a platform,
Shaking my groove thing is a past time,
You wish we would have fun again that was your last line,
Before I got choked up,
And couldn't give an excuse,
What have I gone through that I couldn't see it,
Changing behind my eyes,
Thought I'd never be that guy,
But here I am having a revelation,
All thanks to you,
On bringing me back to the guy,
Who always laughed and smiled,
Because of you,
I'm one and the same again,
It's true,
Thank you beautiful.
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My Extraterrestrial Lady
Haven't been myself lately,
So conflicted,
I've been dealing with emotions lately,
But I've got that motion notion,
I really need to keep going,
Moving forward,
Not holding back,
Take a load off,
And just relax,
Can you rub my back?
Right between these shoulder blades,
Deep within,
Lies a heart in a cage,
Surrounded by these deep wounds,
Those false promises,
It writes "I need love soon",
Across my chest,
So when I fell for you,
It broke free,
Almost broke me down to one knee,
But my senses kicked in and I stood on my own two feet,
Cause I needed to prove that this was real,
And just how I feel in the moment,
You know those feels you get when you're lonely,
But you're realer than real,
If that makes any sense,
Make it feel like a fantasy,
I never need to vent about our love,
Cause I'm always happy when I think about you,
I speak of you as if you are the truth,
And I love the way that you make me feel,
And If I am a reflection of you,
Then I'm one cool chick whose not of this world.
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So for those who actually follow a durn thing I say, I've been in the writing mood again lately. Two things uploaded in two days! That is one piece per day! Whooo! PROGRESS! PROGRESS! S HIS D! S HIS D! I mean....>> Anywho, personal life has just been all over the place so it's not worth mentioning. Just trying to find a job & take care of mi Mama! Maybe there's more....but for now that shall remain behind the closed door that are my eyelids.
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